Blouse or Dress Sewing Pattern - Scämmit Eugenie

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Sharing a name with the talented and renowned instagrammer, Eugéniiiiiiie is the eponymous designer of this pretty model with delicate details: ruffled sleeves, wrapped neckline, bust darts for a fitted bodice in contrast to the full skirt, and easy to make as a blouse alone.

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Made in France

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Data sheet
Use Clothes and Apparel
Brand Atelier Scämmit
Manufacturing France
Size 15,3 x 22 cm
Sold per 1
Sewing level Beginner
Language French, English
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Scämmit Sewing Pattern - Eugenie Blouse/Dress


  • 1 pretty printed storage box
  • 1 real size sheet (no overlap)
  • detailed assembly instructions, illustrated with color photos


  • Making French seams
  • Assembling a sleeve
  • Making a wrapped neckline
  • Using a gathering foot

✂ SUPPLIES FOR SIZES 34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48:

  • Fabric (dress version): 210/210/210/220/220/230/240/240 cm x 140 cm wide (=83/83/83/87/87/91/95/95” x 55”) or 230/250/330/330/330/340/340/340 cm x 110 cm wide (=91/99/130/130/130/134/134/134” x 43”)
  • Fabric (blouse version) : - 60 cm (=23”)
  • Fusible grainline (or a 1 cm (=0.4”) width fusible interfacing non extensible band) : max 120 cm (=48”)


  • Weight : very light to medium (80 to 270 gsm)
  • Fabric : batist, crepe, light denim, flannel...
  • Stretch factor : 0 to 8 % max

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Sew better

With Atelier Scämmit sewing patterns, you can concentrate on what is essential: easily create a garment that looks like you.

We take care of the rest: a pretty design with professional finishes.

  • Stylish: well-cut designs with contemporary style and refined details
  • Better finish: we explain to you how to make great finishes and give you the best tips
  • More successful: pieces fit perfectly, no more headaches when you mount clothing pieces
  • More economical: only one pattern allows you to make several designs, and it's home-made so it's good for the wallet AND for the planet.

Brand values

If sewing means so much to the designer, it is also in reaction to the "fast fashion": avoid frenetic consumption, buy less ephemeral mode, focus on quality over quantity. Sewing is also the best way to empty your head while having fun, and to reconnect with ancestral know-how in this virtual world.