Waste Basket Making Kit 25 cm


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Make your own Waste Basket from the covering of your choice !

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The covering is not included ! The required size for the covering is : 850 x 400 mm 

Instructions :

  • Cut dow, your covering to a workable size, your cover needs to be larger then the panel supplied. 
  • Remove creases and loose fibres, lay out covering face down on work surface, place on top for position.
  • Remove the release paper and stick the panel down to your covering. 
  • Continue removing release paper pressing the covering into the adhesive. Smooth as you go from the middle out to avoid creases. 
  • Trim off surplus material by running a sharp knife along the edges of the panel. 
  • Snap back the creased edges and remove them carefully, leaving th covering edge exposed. 
  • Your panel is now ready for assembly.
  • Stick the self adhesive tape to the outside of the rings applying evenly. Fold into the ring and pinch firmly. 
  • Remove the release paper from the tape, your rings are ready for sticking to your panel. 
  • Now remove the release paper from the self adhesive tape of the seam of the panel. 
  • Place the sticky rings on the edges of the panel and roll towards the seam tape. Keep in line with PVC edge. 
  • Keeping the rings at the edge, press the panels firmly together at the overlap. 
  • Fold over the suprplus covering all the way round so that it covers the ring. 
  • Using the serrated edge of the tool provided push the surplus covering hebing the ring. 
  • Use the smooth side of the tool to finish, place behind the ring and drag it all the way round. 
  • Remove the protective film from the base (optional).
  • Place the base inside the bin and press down to sit on the bottom ring. 
  • The base should fit tightly into the bottom of the bin. 

Find the instructions with pictures : Here !

Video with steps to follow :