Classic press fastener die set - 8.8 mm


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Set of professional 8.8 mm press studs.

It allows to pose without effort and with a perfect tightening the eyelets - Diameter 8.8 mm.

This is professional material made of high strength steel. Made in Italy.

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Data sheet
Material Composition high quality steel
Use To fasten snap fastener 8.8 mm sold in our website
Main color Black
Sold per 4
Content 1 set with the male and the female parts (sold without the machine or the buttons)
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This laying set is used to attach 8.8 mm snap fasteners.

The base that receives the eyelet is equipped with a spring-mounted stud that retracts when the press goes down.
- Diameter of the base: 18 mm - Total height: 33 mm
- Diameter of the screw: 13 mm

The pose game is composed of four pieces:
- Two pieces to pose the male part
- Two pieces to pose the female

It is used with the manual press machine.

The fixation obtained is professional and fast.

In order to get a good job, it is advisable to use a revolving punch pliers to pre-drill the leather or fabric before using the press.