Book "La fringue de ma vie - Comment reproduire mes vêtements préférés"


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"La fringue de ma vie - Comment reproduire mes vêtements préférés"


Reproduce without taking apart. Pattern and garnement's tracing bases.

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Size 297 mm x 210 mm
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Content 144 pages
Publisher ESMOD Editions
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We all have a garment carefully folded away or hung protectively in our closet that recalls a key moment or memory in our lives : it's a piece of clothing we certainly don't want to take apart !

Though we may regretfully have abandoned it, we dream of wearing it again but often it's worn out or doesn't fit us anymore.

It may be a souvenir from a trip or a timeless piece that's frayed and threadbare. Maybe it reminds us of a person who was dear to us, maybe it's too classic or strict but fits us perfectly,  maybe we found it in a vintage store... In any case, we keep it and take it with us whenever we move ! 

The seven workshops in this book explain how to remake patterns for garments without taking them apart. You'll discover a sweater, jeans, pants, a shirt and a blouse plus a dress and jacket.

By using variety of simple techniques, you'll be able to make a pattern you can transform at whim to give your new garment a look that's yours alone!

Author / créateur : Nathalie COPPIN Claire WARGNIER - Editions ESMODEESDITIONS

Softcover book, Color

Code ISBN : 978-29-096-1750-3