Welcome !

I created Ma Petite Mercerie, eleven years ago, in my kitchen.

It's my favorite room in the house, I was born into a family of entrepreneurs and studied fashion, so it's really no coincidence that this is my favorite room in the house !

Since then, it has been an extraordinary human and entrepreneurial adventure that I share with more than forty crew members.

At Ma Petite Mercerie, everyone counts, has their place and contributes daily to the success of Ma Petite Mercerie. This is our strength, a sum of individualities, talents and energies !

As Internet people say we are pure players, our activity is 100% online but our life is well anchored in our land, in Gaillac in the Tarn.

We love our region and energize the local ecosystem by employing 'locals' with a rich and singular profile, coming from all walks of life and driven by the same desire to come to work in the morning with pleasure.

We love our job and do it with heart to offer you a choice of more than 80,000 products all selected for their quality, respect for the environment and originality. We also privilege the Made in France and the creators.

To guide these choices we are inspired by artistic movements and the latest fashion trends, we participate in the major international textile, fashion and DIY fairs, love to go to beautiful art exhibitions and see lots of films. Our team and our clients have talents that stimulate us and spice up our choices. In other words, we cultivate our artistic vegetable garden every day !

Every day it is our community of more than 700,000 members that sends us its good vibes, so think that every time you order at Ma Petite Mercerie, publish photos of your creations or write to us, we take you a little bit with us in our workshop, because you too are part of our adventure !

Christel Anglade-Moncéré 

Ma Petite Mercerie and Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ma Petite Mercerie, corporate social responsibility has been ingrained in the company's DNA since its creation.

From actions to words

There are always several ways to get to a given point. In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, most of the answers can be found in social dialogue and discussion with all stakeholders to better take into account the impacts of our activities throughout our value chain. Beyond the vision of a business leader, it is from this dialogue with our employees, customers and suppliers that the course to follow emerges.

The common thread that runs through our daily evolution has always been simple to draw : no development that is not sustainable !

Once this precept is established, the line is clear: in everything we do, we work to optimize the use of our resources, the sustainability of the products we use and those we sell, and, of course, the reduction of our environmental footprint. The environment in general for the planet we share with you and even more so our immediate environment on which our influence is both stronger and easier to impact.

Our commitments

Societal commitments

Each year, Ma Petite Mercerie participates in local development through social-cultural charitable sponsorship actions for the benefit of associations from various backgrounds whose common point is to evolve in the geographical environment close to Ma Petite Mercerie. Ma petite Mercerie is involved in the "Octobre Rose" operation, and donates 5% of its sales to the event. It is also associated with the World Prematurity Day.

Social commitments

Since the creation of Ma Petite Mercerie, we have fostered a work environment conducive to the development of our employees, by integrating young people in training as well as disabled people. Working hours and workstation ergonomics have been adapted to a workforce that is 90% female.
Everyone must be able to fully contribute to the company's development through their commitment and passion on a daily basis.
We therefore relentlessly promote diversity, inclusion, support and personal fulfillment as a transversal thread of our Values Pact. Christel Anglade-Moncéré is a member of the Association pour le Progrès du Management.

Environmental commitments

Faced with the urgent need to reduce waste and make fairer use of resources worldwide, we do not use any PVC packaging in our shipments and are working to gradually replace anything that is not recyclable with fully recyclable or biodegradable materials.

We also pay close attention to the labeling of the products we sell to promote the most organic, the most eco-responsible and the closest to environmental protection (Oekotex, Ecocert, Eco-Responsible, organic ...).