BabySnap® PRO Pliers + Dies Pack


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Discover the brand new revolutionary BabySnap® professional snap fastener pliers (KAM® type) to easily install plastic and metal snap buttons as well as BabySnap metal eyelets! This pack contains all necessary dies to apply your metal eyelets (3 sizes) and snap buttons (3 sizes).

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Use Accessories, Customisation
Size 125 mm x 195 mm
Main color Silver
Sold per 1
Content 1 pro pliers + 3 snap dies + 3 eyelet dies
Material Cast Iron
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This high-quality, heavy-duty  snap and eyelet cast iron pliers will allow you to install : KAM snaps, Color Snap button, BabySnap metal eyelet.

Why BabySnap® PRO?

The BabySnap® PRO pliers are the latest of the pliers for snap buttons and eyelets. It allows to install many variations of snap fasteners and metal eyelets, when most pliers are not strong enough to apply metal eyelets. These professional quality pliers for eyelets and snaps are specially designed for repeated use and quality results.

These pliers can be used with Color snap fasteners and BabySnap eyelets. You'll need the adapted dies included in this pack to apply your eyelets.

This snap fastener and eyelet pliers kit includes:

  • 1 professional cast iron pliers
  • 2 tips
  • 3 snap button dies : 10.5, 12 and 14 mm.
  • 3 eyelet dies : 8, 11 and 14 mm.

* To apply the jersey metal snaps, use the die delivered with the snap buttons.

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