Pliers for KAM® Snap Fasteners


Put snap fasteners in the blink of an eye thanks to these real aluminum KAM® pliers! Light and easy to use, it will allow you to put plastic or resin snaps of all shapes (round, stars or hearts) on your different fabrics. These snap pressure are ideal for baby clothes and accessories such as sleeping bags, bibs, washable diapers, etc.

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Material Composition Metal
Size pliers : 9,7 cm x 17 cm
Main color Silver
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 Pliers for KAM Snap Fasteners

Make beautiful clothes and accessories for babies with our Oeko-Texjersey and terry fabrics.

KAM® snap pliers - Kit includes:

  • manual aluminum pliers
  • a screwdriver
  • 2 Snap bases
  • 3 sizes of dies:
  1. 10 mm (round pressure)
  2. 12.4 mm (round pressure and heart)
  3. 15 mm (star and flower pressure)

These pliers are compatible with the majority of plastic snap fasteners brands (Color Snaps, KAM). The pre-mounted version corresponds to the most used button size (12.4 mm). It is however very easy to change the dies: simply unscrew 2 screws with the included screwdriver to insert a new one as indicated on the back of the product.

How to use KAM® pliers?

  • Make a mark where the snap should be
  • Insert the hatpike into the hole (the tip of the hat should come out on the other side)
  • Place the male piece on the hatpike, the fabric is then caught between the hat and the male piece
  • Insert everything into the die of the clamp. Make sure that the pressure cap fits perfectly into the die (both jaws must be aligned)
  • Squeeze the clip making sure it stays straight
  • Now repeat the operations on the other side with the female piece

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