Bamboo knitting needles 40 cm/ 3.50 mm



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Bamboo knitting needles, 40 cm long and 3.50 mm thick, with a wooden head.

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Data sheet
Use Accessories, clothes and apparel
Brand Clover
Manufacturing Japon
Size 3,5 mm
Main color Natural
Sold per 2
Sizes 40 cm
Material Bamboo
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A new taper of the tips.

A high-tech process
Clover's high-tech manufacturing processes help to achieve the excellent Takumi®

Uniform thickness for the needle stalk
Our very precise quality standards are the promise of regular meshes and splendid works.

A smooth surface
It is obtained thanks to a repeated polishing on the length of the stem with a fine abrasive.
It allows the thread to slide easily on the needles and reduces fatigue.

A nice tip that never separates the wire
Thanks to the Clover standards and rounded tips polished gently and evenly, no splinters come to separate the wire.

A material of the highest quality
Bamboo is a strong, resilient and resilient fiber.
Its smooth and very pleasant to the touch surface is ideal for knitting needles.
Only the best parts of the bamboo stem are used for our needles.

Bamboo comes exclusively from cold areas where there is little snow.
These climatic characteristics make bamboo used a material that bends with difficulty, an ideal asset for knitting needles.
Heavy snow makes the bamboo bend.

It is a bamboo of an appropriate age that is selected.
Bamboo less than three years old is too soft and the one over five is too fragile.
The most durable bamboo is between 4 and 5 years old.

The cutting period is limited to the winter months.
Because at this season, bamboo contains less moisture and fibers are more compact.

2 pcs./bag