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This product will temporarily stiffen your fabric for a better handling in machines but also avoid fraying during sewing. The effect is reversible after washing, the fabric regains all its suppleness, leaving no residue. Water-based product. Ideal for fabric, felt, wool, lace, ribbon, embroidery...

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Use Accessories, furnishing, clothes and apparel
Manufacturing French
Sold per 1
Content 200 ml, 500 ml
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The fabric booster prepares and freezes the materials, allowing you to create rigidified projects in 2D and 3D, such as origami fabric or stiffened knit, etc.

Shake before each use. Spray Fabric Booster® evenly on the fabric. Leave to dry flat or suspended. Drying in the open air: 30 minutes.

Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes in the open air, then iron the fabric still wet (iron at medium temperature) to accelerate drying.
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• Solvent free
• Acid free
• Leaves no residue
• reversible effect with water
• Made in France

Spray distance
20 cm

Caution of use
For safety, use only for the intended purpose and in accordance with the instructions for use. Wash hands after use. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children. The manufacturer can not be held responsible for improper storage or use.