Book "Cut-and-sew Knits - Women's garment bases"


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Discover the expertise of the first French fashion school with this book to become a pattern drafter.

  • This book is written in English and French. 
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Sewing level Beginner, Middle
Author Sandrine Delhumeau
Number of pages 271
Release date 2018
ISBN 978-2377810079
Language French, English
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Become a pattern drafter - Cut-and-sew Knits 

Making patterns and 17 explained models, finishing and constructions for your t-shirts, sweaters, skirts, jackets, and trousers in knit fabrics. This book explores all the possibilities in patternmaking for cut-and-sew knits and, through a selection of models, helps you make a full collection or complete your wardrobe with basic pieces adapted to women's ready-to-wear. "cut-and-sew" knits, long used only for undergarments, have a definite place today in our closets and are found throughout the wardrobe. Buying knit fabrics by the meter and sewing them on an overlock-shaving machine can be easy but, though knits are comfortable to wear, their stretch qualities require special skills to make the patterns and sew the garments. This book is used as an educational support for third year ESMOD Paris students.